What Do You Know About Internet of Things or IOT?

Posted On 11/11/2019

What Do You Know About Internet of Things or IOT?

Some technology industries are incessantly developing their latest technology products. They do that not only to make business profits, but also to ease human activities.

Moreover, the Internet of Things or IOT is currently being developed. Perhaps, you’ve seen a car that can go without a driver in various films. However, now there are cars that can park automatically and you can find it in the real world.

You might also have seen robotic assistants in the film like Jarvis in Iron Man and Avengers movies. Now, you can find that though it’s not exactly the same in OK Google, Siri, and Alexa Assistant.

How do they work?

All of those things are operated with the contept of Internet of Things or IOT.

Learn More about IOT

It is a system that allows interaction from machine to machine. In other words, IoT is interrelated computing device system that enable an object to transfer data without human direct interaction.  

Along these lines, human is just an operator for the IOT system. Devices with IOT system can transfer data without direct human interaction. It also means that IOT converges between computerized and physical things.

The term of Internet of Things is generally used for gadgets or items those don’t share with any internet connection. PC, cell phone, and tablet are not classified as IOT devices. Beside that, smartwatch can be classified into an IOT gadget due to the fact that it is operated with internet connection.

IOT relies on several components that are sufficiently complex to be set. These components include data networks, sensors, AI, and so on.

System Security on IOT

IOT implements data exchanges. Sensors on IOT collect confidential data. Ironically, the data is not totally protected. That’s because IOT still uses a basic security system.

Once the IOT device is hacked, it can be permanently damaged. This could be more detrimental than hacking programming code that can still be repaired or recreated.

Nowadays, hackers are also starting to target IOT devices, especially switches and webcams. Because the security system is still basic, cyber criminals are easier to attack botnets, DDOS, and so on.

Some companies those already rely on IOT system should always be vigilant. Because, the hacking can be intended for corporate espionage.

Knowing that IOT devices are easily hacked, it’s time for you to consider about total network security. Installing your internet network with the Sydecloud system is one way you can protect your IoT device from various hacker attacks.

With the help of hardware called Archangel BOX in which there is artificial intelligence, the Sydecloud system is able to protect the IoT system from total hacker action.

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