Difference Between Router and Firewall

Difference Between Router and Firewall

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The difference in routers and Firewall-Router Firewall is a device in a computer that move data back and forth between networks. Essentially, whenever information is sent, and between networks, or between locations on a single network, the router doing the work to direct the data to the correct location.This task is accomplished through the header-a bit of information that is part of the data package, which contains information about a particular file, transparent or delivery of that file.Forwarding tables also played a key role in how the function of the router. They determine which is the best path for the packet data.

A firewall is basically part of a computer system that protects from unwanted and dangerous that gain access to the system.It was built in the same way as most of the walls with brick layers related to maximize his strength, and to prevent unwanted intruders.Likewise, the firewall consists of a series of related programs, prepared in a network gateway server, to protect network resources from other users on the same network, or on other networks.The Firewall works in conjunction with a router, to check each network before packets are forwarded, and/or to another network.Router typically connected to at least two networks – usually two LAN or WAN, or perhaps a network LAN and ISP.

Gateway Of The Network

It is also located at the gateway of the network, to keep the data still flows naturally between and throughout the network.The router is working with firewall and proxy server also to make network requests for those using the workstation. Like most networks, there is a central computer that became the center of the whole network.Firewall is no exception. There is a designated computer, separate from the network, to prevent all requests to interact directly with the private network resources.There are several options in of choosing the best router for a specific network needs. Larger businesses, for example, will use a router that is entirely different from a small business, or for personal use.

However, the router could be something as simple as two computers with similar operating systems, connected via Internet Connection Sharing (or ICS).  Firewalls are also different depending on the depth of the tissue, and the expanse of the computer is required. Mostly, however, the function of a firewall is to filter activity to protect the network.


1. The Router transport the data between networks; A firewall scan data to be sent over the network.

2. Router typically connected to at least two networks; The firewall runs from the designated computer, separate from the network, to prevent the influx of demand to reach network resources.